2 Hour - Video Coaching Session with Judi Fox and Micheala Alexis

LinkedIn Like a Fox meets Mega Personal Branding & Company Pages - Fueled by Coffee (see our LinkedIn Profiles for reference)

This video coaching session was recorded LIVE on zoom May 13, 2019

This LinkedIn 2 Hour Coaching Session is for you if…

  • You want to utilize LinkedIn Company Pages and convert business opportunities (because seriously…. company pages are getting more and more results on LinkedIn in 2019)

  • You want a strategy to create content and get in front of your target audience on LinkedIn

  • You want inbound leads and a better Direct Messaging (DM) experience (Insert GIF of hand on head when getting a spam DM)

  • You create content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc… and want to re-purpose that content

We make LinkedIn FUN and give you lots of bonuses!

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Each Coaching Member - Gets BONUS goodies:

  • LinkedIn Like a Fox Direct Messaging Script

  • Call to Actions for YOUR content

  • Optimize & Crush LinkedIn Company Pages Checklist

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