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Get you RESULTS from using LinkedIn

  • Grow your network and business

  • Get more inbound opportunities

  • Create a profitable content strategy on LinkedIn!

Do you want to use LinkedIn like it’s 2005 or 2019?

If you said 2019, then you are in the right place.

LinkedIn is a thriving social media platform with tons of high level decision making professionals (with budgets), 600 Million+ Members, and is considered #1 in Lead Generation, and now you can… tap into the full potential that LinkedIn offers!

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LinkedIn Business Accelerator Coaching Program

We will go through my 1 x 1 LinkedIn Strategy Sessions as a group together

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ALL the coaching and strategy content will be recorded and you have FOREVER access to the program

Sooo why would you want to Accelerate your Business and LinkedIn like a Fox?

In 2018, I hit 3 Million views on LinkedIn, increased followers from around 1,000 to 24,188 (yes, my degree from Virginia Tech in Chemical Engineering has me drawn to exact numbers) and worked with numerous clients to get results for them!

Featured speaker for LinkedIn at events like Video Marketing World 2018 and 2019, Social Media Week 2019, LinkedIn Global 2019, LinkedIn Local Washington, DC 2019, RebelleCon Workshop 2019, and VidSummit 2019.

Enough of me talking about myself.

Here are amazing people and grateful for every testimonial and client.

Your results should always be the star of the show.

LinkedIn Business Accelerator - to LinkedIn Like a Fox - is for you if…

  • You want to grow your presence and business organically on LinkedIn

  • You want a clear plan to get in front of your target audience

  • You want to get the biggest bang for your time spent on LinkedIn

  • You want inbound leads and a better Direct Messaging (DM) experience

  • You create content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc… and you want to re-purpose that content

How does LinkedIn Business Accelerator Coaching Work?
You will have LOTS of access to ask me questions along the way, so you get answers to move forward with your strategy fast.

  • 2 LIVE coaching sessions per week - RECORDED FOR REPLAY - you can pick either date and time that work for you

  • Receive lifetime access to the related course materials as the LinkedIn Like a Fox brand evolves

  • LinkedIn Like a Fox Members will be superstars and your results will be my results

    Week 1 - Create a LinkedIn Profile that Converts

LinkedIn is MORE than your CV or Resume. We are going to create a clear brand and social selling signal that converts people using your highest ROI (Return on Investment) offer or drive traffic to your most critical brand building activity online.

This strategy works because we create a profile that visually and content strategy positions YOU as a thought leader whether you are running a business, managing business operations at a company, or looking for a job.

We are all people working with other people, which is why we will focus on Human to Human Marketing strategies. We will position you as an authority on your profile and / or company page to grow a high-quality audience.

Week 2 - Target Audience and LinkedIn Growth

We are going to focus on getting your message in front of the right people to get consistent organic leads and opportunities.

Before we start posting content, we are going to spend time building an ideal audience strategy, optimizing the time you spend in the newsfeed, and engaging / commenting on other people’s content on the platform.

PS - Networking is my jam and I love talking about it, dreaming about it, and figuring out how to get that knowledge to work for YOU! We will cover my top tips and strategies that have worked to grow an online community and build a strong network.

Business’s thrive on people referring and talking about other people.

The mindset we are going to strengthen is showing interest in others before expecting anyone to show interest in us.

We are also going to dive into how to make your ideal client do LESS work to get connected and to engage them in a conversation.

This will set you up to have an active audience once you post your own content. In addition, we are going to cover how to get more traction from sharing other people’s content, create more buzz on LinkedIn, and creating a comment engagement strategy.

Week 3 - Implementation Week

Week 4 - Content Strategy, Video, and Re-Purposing Content

Develop a social media strategy plan and playbook to enhance your current social media platform activity that is already getting engagement.

In addition, we will dive into exactly how to re-purpose your own content from other social media channels to make it applicable to LinkedIn and build out each part of your content strategy around re-purposing.

You will get examples for 7 types of content to create in order to attract clients and learn how to sell in your messaging and copy, without feeling “salesy” or pushy or burning out your connections.

Week 5 - Implementation Week

Week 6 - Clear Signal, Inbound Leads, and Direct Messages

Creating a clear content signal that sells and attracts people to comment and engage is the goal. Develop content strategy messaging to encourage the right activities from your community when they see your content online. We will work with filling your sales funnel and get you the exact Direct Messages on LinkedIn from the right clients. By the end of the 4 weeks together, you will have a new found love of LinkedIn, a content strategy in place so people know you as the go to person for your audience, you will show up more confidently on the platform, and be able to re-purpose your content confidently on the LinkedIn platform.

BONUS - LinkedIn is rolling out LIVE Video & we will create an audience to go live to in 2019.

DOUBLE BONUS - You will have fun during the weeks we have together. Because I believe leveling up your business is FUN!

Social media is social and FUN. If you agree with that - then seriously - APPLY NOW because we need to hang out ASAP!

TRIPLE BONUS - As a LinkedIn Like a Fox Member you get TONS OF EXTRA access to get your questions answered for 1 MONTH afterwards to make sure you keep the momentum going.

Plus I am putting it on my calendar right when you sign up to check in periodically with ALL members through the next year because I really want you to succeed on LinkedIn,

As a group we will celebrate our wins together, enjoy your lifetime access to this program as it evolves, and you will have access to 1 x 1 LinkedIn Strategy Sessions LinkedIn Like a Fox Member Pricing, forever going forward.


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