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Build Your Empire on LinkedIn

Book NOW and grab a 30 Minute 1x1 Coaching and Accountability Session - So this Masterclass is sure to get you results…. This is for you if…

  • You want a content strategy to get inbound clients

  • You want better Direct Messaging

  • You want to re-purpose your social media content

Plus we give you lots of goodies!

  • LinkedIn Like a Fox Direct Messaging Script

  • Call to Actions Download - Fox Style

  • Optimize LinkedIn Company Pages Checklist

Grab the 2 Hour Video Coaching Class (Recorded on Zoom, May 2019) & Get all the Bonuses

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“Holy shit. Your course is amazing.” - Melissa

“Build Your Empire on Linked In took me from a secondary school education of the platform to a Master's degree!”

“WOW! They share an abundance of information! I plan on re-watching the training several times to implement all of the amazing tips they give to improve my stance on the platform.”

“Judi's strategy for feeling out leads on Linked In is incredibly important - THANK YOU for all your tips, Judi!”

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Grab the 2 Hour Coaching (Recorded) Session to “Build Your Empire on LinkedIn” from Judi Fox and Michaela Alexis.

Roger Wakefield says: “Judi Fox knows LinkedIn. That's the only way to put it. Judi not only knows LinkedIn but she wants to share what she knows. She really teaches and explains things so that it can be learned and understood.

Judi can break down the entire platform and teach you why. She makes things completely understandable so that you understand why you need to do what you need to do. And it works!

Judi Fox is also one of the most genuinely caring people you will ever meet. She cares about the people she works with and it shows. She teaches you and helps you without ever making you feel like you don't know what you are doing.

Consulting with Judi has been so beneficial for me and my company each and every time. When I have questions about LinkedIn I always know who to contact. Thank you Judi Fox!”

Matt Smithson says: “Judi is an expert on optimization of LinkedIn profiles, growing your audience, and monetizing LinkedIn. In terms of value,

Judi delivered far more than what I expected. I learned deep, actionable insights that I was able to apply immediately. I would not hesitate to recommend Judi!”

Chelsea Pietz says: “I participated in Judi's LinkedIn Like a Fox program and found it to be the very best LinkedIn training I've personally experienced.

I've taken several courses from "experts" and Judi provided more in depth detail and ninja secrets than any of the other courses offered.

Judi was available and highly engaged before, during and after the program as well and provided invaluable actionable tactics and strategies that were tailored to each individual's industry and audience. I can't recommend working with Judi enough!”