Updating your Mindset and Facing your Fears | Colon Cancer Survivor | Gaming Recruiter | Tabitha Trent Cavanagh

Tabitha (Trent) Cavanagh and Judi Fox discuss colon cancer, advice you would give your 18 year old self, and we talk about mindset, facing your fears, and overall have a great heartfelt conversation.

3:00 - LOTS and I mean lots of laughs.  We spend the first 10 minutes talking about critical life moments that define you and being a colon cancer survivor. 

Plus Tabitha's Hashtags are the best!  #savethebooty #grittogreatness #TabTheRecruiter

Then we dive into topics like cold calling and how to overcome that fear.  What is the worst thing that someone could say to you?  

Do you want to be called by recruiters? 

12:00 - Level up with a conversation about networking, job searching, recruiters, flexible job arrangements, and active listening to available opportunities in your career.

We both agree that asking for permission is a challenge to overcome at workplaces and there needs to be more FUN in the workplace.  

Plus we have tons of one-liners, Thrive Hard, Actions Speak Louder than Words, we completely botch the title of the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (we kept the conversation kid friendly), and we do flashlight finger puppets on the wall in the hotel room at the end and record an IG story.  

38:00 - There is an goose bump spontaneous moment where we play a game called: 

"Voice Message Roulette"

You have got to hear what Tabitha said in a voice message to me on August 4, 2018 at 10:11 AM.  OMG you have to hear it and her introduction with an air horn in the background!!!

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