Claude Silver | Heart to Heart with THE Chief Heart Office at Vayner Media

We had a deep heart to heart with Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at Vayner Media. 

There was so much heart and humor. And we mentioned so many amazing and incredible people.

Watch the video played at the beginning of the Episode at Claude Silver LinkedIn Video

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2:00 - Thank you to Tima Elhajj and her audio review of the podcast (that made me bust out laughing).  Follow Tima Elhajj on LinkedIn

11:00 - Talking all about the voices in our heads and negative thoughts and stay STOP

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17:00 - Talking all about HUGS, Belong by Radha Agrawal - Let's all go to a DayBreaker together!

20:00 - Maya Angelo Quotes - 25 Maya Angelou Quotes to Inspire Your Life 

"Attention is the Greatest Form of Generosity There Is!"

30:00 - Video - Jessica's Daily Affirmation - 20 Million Views on YouTube 

33:00 - Claude gets into the heart of it all in business!  Every single person is special and unique and we need to come into the workplace with our whole selves. 

PLUS lots and lots of hugs!  

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