Behind the Scenes at Social Media Week Lima, Ohio | #Craveable and Hilarious Conversations

#FoxRocks Podcast Squad!  This might be one of the most hilarious episodes and all of the audio was literally recorded from my purse in the speaker VIP room at Social Media Week Lima, Ohio 2019.  Thank you to the incredible people who attended this event, the awesome speakers, and the conference host with Jessica Phillips!

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4:00 - Stephanie Lui -  Not only is Stephanie hilarious, but she has an amazing quiz on her website that you are going to want to take ASAP to find out your communication style. 

Plus Stephanie has the most F-Bombs of the whole episode and she sings with me at the song break intermission 50 minute mark.

7:00 - Mike Alton plays the game Voice Message Roulette with me and you can find all of Mike (or Mrs. Doubtfire) at and and the British accent is at 15:00 minutes

19:00 - Jeff Howell - - We talk about being vulnerable and being a speaker and LIFE kicking us in the... and we had to jump off fast to listen to on stage.

28:00 - Terry Duperon - We have a heart to heart about sales and business and refreshing to have speakers talking so openly about struggles!

34:00 - Christine Gritmon - and I loved dancing with Christine and she might be trying to tell us all about Social Media Day 2020 in New York City... plus cookie monster - Kermit the Frog and Lord of the Rings Smeagol ALL show up thank you to George Demanis at 39:00 - 

Plus they couldn't figure out what "The Fox Says" at 40:00

40:00 - Tiffany Lanier - and she helps us all utilize social and emotional intelligence and mediation to add in more empathy and compassion to connect with our ideal client - plus we talk about about sales, pricing, and I could have talked with her forever!  44:00 - Shout out to Rachel Bell and how much she out cares for her clients -

50:00 - We start singing the song "The Podcast that Never Ends" Feat. Stephanie, Judi, Christine, Jennifer Weather (brings the storm where ever she goes)

51:00 - Jen Watson (aka Jennifer Weather) - we tak about raw and real and getting over perfection

52:00 - Angus Nelson - We quickly interrupt the weather report with Jennifer for a quick moment with Angus Nelson because he was literally dragging his luggage and heading to the airport and the whole room laughed really hard at this exact moment -

53:00 - Back to Jennifer Weather - OMG she is incredible and knows a TON about live video doing 4 LIVES per day at the Weather Channel - and big shout-outs to Brian Fanzo -

60:00 - Mia Voss hear what Mia is up to right now, personal branding, her travels, and a huge Shout Out to one of our mutual friends "Brah"... Shannon Hernandez at

65:00 - Demian Ross - - We laugh ever 5 minutes - and how Lift is an option in Lima, Ohio plus Demian has to run out for a Starbucks run and shout out to Troy Sandbridge and Brian Fanzo.  Plus he talks about being careful with being overly vulnerable and getting addicted.

71:00 - Erik Fisher - - We talk about Social Media Examiner and Twitter and his mom on Facebook.  

90:00 - Jen Cole - I was told to grab and get her on the mic ASAP - - - We talk about how to network to opportunities!  Plus how to build relationships over long periods of time! You have to keep showing up!

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