Shannon Siriano Greenwood | Founder Rebelle | Community Building Conversation

Shannon Siriano Greenwood, Founder Rebelle Community in Richmond, VA and I sat down and discussed all things networking, connecting, community building and entrepreneurship.  

I am blown away by the Shannon and the Rebelle Community and it is all based on the intention and vibe that has been cultivated by everyone involved in running and creating the experiences.

One more thing that I LOVED about this conversation is hearing her behind the scenes career journey and really bonding over the sense in life that there has to be more than work, work, hustle, hustle.  As I mentioned at the beginning of the episode, her founding letter on the about section of Rebelle was a huge reason for why I joined the community and here is an excerpt from the letter:

"I thought working REALLY hard all the time was how one became successful.

It was not until I LITERALLY couldn’t do it anymore (my brain and my body was shutting it down) that I started searching for another way. I found people who were doing things differently, making their own schedules, doing work that they love, building businesses around their own unique skill sets, educating people about things they are passionate about, connecting, collaborating, protecting their time, and prioritizing their own development, health and happiness."

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