Listen in as Racheal Cook LIVE coaches me on Launching my LinkedIn Like a Fox Coaching Program

Racheal Cook, CEO Retreat and Uncomplicate Your Business Show, sits down on my couch and we discuss sales, launching a business with very little audience online, and why in person connections and networking are so important.  

The advice that I received in this podcast from Racheal Cook, I turned around and immediately implemented and it's a huge part of creating a successful launch for "LinkedIn Like a Fox" with 20 Fox Star Members, with an amazing shoutout and recommendation for the program from Lynn McGreer, Insurance Agent:

"I have to SHOUT out LOUD to Judi Fox for leading an incredible coaching program #linkedinlikeafox - If anyone is considering joining Judi's next group, I highly recommend it.  She shares documents for helping track content and LinkedIn data, goes through profile maximization, content tips galore and she eats, sleeps, and breathes all the same challenges we do, so we are all learning together!"

Click Here to check out the LinkedIn Like a Fox Coaching Program.

Also, head right now to check out Racheal Cook's website and follow her Instagram account.  I have learned so much from her Instagram stories and her podcast "Uncomplicate Your Business".


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